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Privacy Policy
  • [This website, in accordance with Section 30 of Personal Information Protection Act, sets and unveils the following personal information handling procedure to ensure privacy is protected and related complaints are taken care of in a swift and seamless manner.]

    * Objective of personal information handling, duration of holding information and items of personal information to be handled

    Except for specified objective of collection, personal information handled on this website will not be used for other purposes. If the objective of using the information changes, necessary procedure including gaining consent separately in compliance with Section 18 of Personal Information Protection Act will be initiated.
    1. 1. Items and methods of personal information collection
      1. A. Items of Personal Information Collected

        (Mandatory)Name, Organization, E-mail Address

      2. B. Methods of Personal Information Collected

        Personal information is collected for the purpose of using one on one inquiry provided on this website.

    2. 2. Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information

      This website uses personal information for users to use one on one inquiry

    3. 3. Usage and Duration of Holding Personal Information

      After users' personal information is used for meeting the objective of collection and usage, the information is destroyed.

    4. 4. The fact that users have a right to reject giving consent and there could be possible disadvantages

      Users have a right to reject giving consent for personal information collected by "KORAIL TRAVEL". When a user expresses rejection, one's right to use one on one inquiry is limited. (No reply will be provided)

  • [Provision of Personal Information to the Third Party]
    This website handles personal information provided by users in a way that is specified under the objective of collecting and using such information. Except for the following cases, the personal information will not be handled or provided beyond what was specified unless information provider gives such consent.
    1. 1. When an information provider grants a consent
    2. 2. When provisions under certain law specify
    3. 3. When an information provider or legal substitute are incapable of expressing one's intent or unspecified address makes it impossible for prior consent to be provided, which means it is necessary to do so considering the situation where information providers or third party are at an urgent risk of life, physical health or property
    4. 4. When such information is necessary for statistics-keeping or academic research purposes and the information is provided in an anonymous manner
    5. 5. When personal information is not used other than specified purposes or provided to the third party. When the procedure set by other acts or laws cannot be carried out and such cases go through deliberation and voting process of Protection Committee
    6. 6. When personal information is needed for executing treaty or international convention or should be submitted to an international organization
    7. 7. When personal information is required for criminal investigation and indictment and maintenance of such cases
    8. 8. When personal information is required for carrying out the procedure of trial under the court
    9. 9. When personal information is required for execution of sentence, supervision and probation
  • [Installation, Operation of Automatic Personal Information Collection Device and Cases of Rejection]
    In the process of using services on the website, log-in history such as following items is automatically collected and stored in order to improve homepage, conduct statistical analysis and promote seamless communication between users and website.
    1. 1. Items Collected and Stored Automatically

      * Access Log, Cookie, Access IP, Access Date, Access Page Address

    2. 2. Objective of Using Cookie

      * This website uses cookies that stores and brings back information of users when necessary in order to provide customized services. Cookie is a small amount of information for the website server to transmit to an user's browser, which is stored on hard disc of the user's computer.
      * This website shall provide customized services specified only possible with the usage of cookie.
      * This website can use cookie in order to identify users and maintain the status of log-in for users.

    3. 3. Installation and Operation of Cookie and Rejection

      * Users have a choice to cookie installation. Therefore, users can allow or reject every cookie by adjusting the option on web browser or have a procedure of granting confirmation whenever cookie is stored.
      * As follows is how to give permission on cookie installation in the case of Internet Explorer
      - Choose [Internet Option] on the menu of [Tool]
      - Click [Personal Information Tab]
      - Set [Level of Personal Information Handling]
      * When users reject storage of cookie, users might not be able to have an access to some of the services provided on this website.

  • [Person in charge of Personal Information Protection]
    This website designates a person in charge of personal information protection in order to ensure protection of privacy and handle any complaints related.
    1. Personal Information Protection Officer Kim Yeonju, KORAIL TRAVEL

      - Contact: +82-2-2084-5741
      - Email Address: 14052@korailtravel.com

    An information provider can make a request to personal information protection officer and the department in charge in regards to inquiry, complaint and compensation for personal information protection while using this website. This website will give a reply and take care of your request.

  • [Revision on Personal Information Handling Policy]

    This policy will take effect on November 28, 2020.