Korea Cruise Port Sales

Korea Cruise Port Sales

Welcome to Incheon
Incheon International Cruise Terminal

Incheon International Cruise Terminal
that opened in 2019 is one of the largest in Korea equipped
with docks that facilitate berth 225 thousand ton capacity mega scale cruise ship
and 2 story terminal with 7,364㎡ floor area ratio.
In addition, spacious parking lot accommodating 200 vehicles including 156 units
of large bus provides the utmost convenience to cruise tourists.

The Way to the World

The cruise industry is growing as the core of the future tourism industry.
Cruise tourism markets are rising beyond North America and Europe into Asia market recently, showing a remarkable growth.
Incheon International Cruise Terminal with massive-scale cruise port infrastructure is taking root as the hub of cruise tourism in the metropolitan city and global marine tourism.

Incheon International Cruise Terminal
  • Land Size
    56,005 ㎡
  • Building Type
    2 Story(Above Groud)
  • Parking Capacity
    Over 200 units
  • Floor Area Ratio
    7,364m² (Terminal Building 6,566m², Gangway 798m²)
  • Handling Embarking and Disembarking
    3,000 passangers (3hours)
  • Berth Capacity
    225 thousand ton(Cruise-only Berth), 150 thousand(Cruise and Car Ferry Berth)
  • Address
    438, Gukjehangman-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
  • Contact(Phone)

The status of Cruise Ship Entry and Passengers
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Number of Voyages 31 8 95 92 53 62 17 10 10
Tourists 36,653 6,538 172,420 183,909 88,503 165,088 29,906 22,150 12,342

Excellent Geographical Accessibility

Incheon International Cruise Terminal is a hub of transportation, reachable to Seoul, capital of Korea and tourist attractions in the metropolitan city within an hour. It takes 30 minutes From Incheon International Cruise Terminal to Incheon International Airport.

  • Seoul, Incheon Tourist Attractions in the Metropolitan City
  • Incheon Port
    Cruise Terminal
  • Incheon International Airpot
Incheon International Cruise Terminal Service
  • 일러스트
    Gang Way

    Regardless of tidal wave, water depth and size of ships, we operate fixed gang way and mobile gang way to ensure passengers embark and disembark in a safe manner.

  • 일러스트
    Free Tour Shuttle Bus Operation

    Free tour shuttle bus is available that connect Incheon International Cruise Terminal with major tourist attractions of Incheon.

  • 일러스트
    Welcome Event for Cruise Arrival and Departure

    A variety of welcome events are held including traditional Korean culture experience and welcoming performance for passengers on arrivals and departures to passengers.

  • 일러스트
    Convenient Accessibility for the Mobility Handicapped

    We provide wheel chair rental and escort service for arrival and departures to ensure every passenger enjoys convenience at the cruise terminal.