Korea Cruise Port Sales

Korea Cruise Port Sales

Welcome to Yeosu
Yeosu Expo Passenger Cruise Terminal

The Port of Yeosu where Admiral Yi Sun Shin used to be stationed during Japanese Invasion
of 1592 opened in 1923 and officially opened in accordance with Acts on Order of Port Opening in 1949.
In 1967, the Port was designated as the first-tier grade and advanced in full swing.
The Port consists of the old and the new port.
The old port is responsible for coastal fishing and passenger delivery,
while the new port, which was place for 2012 Yeosu World Expo, is growing as the hub for international marine tourism.

Northeast Asia
Logistics Center

The Port of Yeosu is made up of big and small island serving as sea wall.
As a port with deep water depth and wide port area, Yeosu Port has the optimal condition.
Yeosu Port is specialized for leisure and tour located at 2012 Yeosu International Expo Hall.

Yeosu Expo Passenger Cruise Terminal
  • Land Size
    5,000 ㎡
  • Building Size
    3,295 ㎡
  • Waiting Room Size
    4,450 ㎡
  • Operator
    Korea Shipping Association(Expo Terminal Team)
  • Address
    320-66, Expo-daero, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
  • Contact(Phone)

The status of Cruise Ship Entry and Passengers
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Number of Voyages - 11 17 13 1 1 2 3 5
Tourists - 13,548 29,691 37,879 1,109 4,565 1,474 6,785 15,937

Support Incentive for Attracting Group Cruise Tourists
  • 일러스트
    Support Incentive for Ports of Call

    10,000 KRW per person/Maximum 30million KRW
    (Except for Attendants)

  • 일러스트
    Support for Car Rental

    In the case of using local bus
    - City of Yeosu: up to 10million KRW
    - City of Suncheon: up to 10million KRW

  • 일러스트
    Host Welcome Event for Cruise Departure and Arrival

    Provide welcome events that encourage passengers to experience Korean culture such as Municipal Korean Classical Music Troupe, Chwita Troupe, Fusion Korean Classical Music Performance

  • 일러스트
    Local Specialty Selling Deck & Foreign Currency Exchange

    We provide convenient access to purchasing local specialty and foreign currency exchange.

  • 일러스트
    30% Discount for Cruise Entry

    Apply Legal Discount Ratio

  • 일러스트
    30% Discount for Berth

    Apply Legal Discount Ratio

Incentive for Main Products
Item Content Who to apply/Condition for Support
Welcome(Farewell) Event Operate Local Specialty Selling Deck for Cruise Departure and Arrival Cruise that enters Yeosu Port
Support Tour Bus for Cruise that enters and exits Yeosu Port Bus Rental Support for Cruise Tourists
(350,000-450,000 KRW per unit)
Inbound Travel Agency
Incentive for Attracting Incentive for Attracting Ports of Call
(10,000 KRW per person, Maximum 30million KRW)
Local Agency
Discount for Arrival 30% Discount for Arrival(Legal Discount Ratio) Cruise that enters Yeosu Port
Discount for Berth 30% Discount for Berth(Legal Discount Ratio) Cruise that enters Yeosu Port
History of Arrival by Year
No. Name of Ship Name of Shipper Nationality Year of Arrival Frequency
1 Junghwa Taesan
(25thousand Ton)
Bohai Cruise China 2015 1
2 Mariner of the Seas
(137thousand Ton)
Royal Caribbean Cruise U.S. 2016 1
3 Ocean Dream
(35thousand Ton)
Peace Boat Japan 2017 1
4 Pacific Venus
(27thousand Ton)
Japan Cruise Japan 2017 1
5 Super Star Aquarius
(54thousand Ton)
Star Cruise Taiwan 2018 1
6 Ocean Dream
(35thousand Ton)
Peace Boat Japan 2018 1
7 Superstar Beogoho
(77thousand Ton)
Star Cruise Taiwan 2018 1
8 Ocean Dream
(35thousand Ton)
Peace Boat Japan 2019 1
9 Majestic Princess
(144thousand Ton)
Princess Cruise Taiwan 2019 2
10 Sun Princess
(77thousand Ton)
Princess Cruise Taiwan 2019 1
11 Costaneoro Mantika
(56thousand Ton)
Costa Cruise Taiwan 2019 1