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Korea Cruise Port Sales

Major Festivals
Seasonal Festivals of Busan

We introduce major festivals that represent spring, summer, fall and winter of Busan

Busan Port Festival

As a new concept of festival, the port festival brings an opportunity to enjoy and learn all the stories of marine and port every May by providing interactive experience to visitors.
Twenty minute long opening fireworks festival is magnificent.
In addition, you can get on Navy Vessel and Cruise for touring the port of Busan.
Programs such as large vessel unveiling ceremony, walking with family, stamp tour and all kinds of marine leisure experience are provided.

Other Festivals
- Cherry Blossom Festival(March)
- Rape Blossom Festival(April)
Photo by Busan Culture Tourism Festival Organizing Committee
Busan International Rock Festival

Busan International Rock Festival that began in 2000 is the oldest rock festival in Korea.
During the festival, top ranking bands both at home and abroad and local indie bands join the event.
Both Korean and international rock enthusiasts wait for this festival year round.
When you enter Samrack Eco Park with wide and green grass, two day of music travel begins.

Other Festivals
- Busan Sea Festival(August)
Photo by Busan Culture Tourism Festival Organizing Committee
Busan International Film Festival

BIFF is the signature film festival that represents Asia.
The festival is held in Busan Cinema Center in Centum City and Nampo-dong BIFF Square.
At Busan Cinema Center, red carpet event that brings the wind of fall in the night and globally-renowned movie stars.
Along with viewers packing outdoor cinema of magnificent Busan Cinema Center, you can enjoy the opening ceremony which gets even more magnificent with colorful lights, huge outdoor screen and lights projected from the ceiling.

Other Festivals
- Busan One Asia Festival(October)
- Busan Firework Festival (November)
Photo by (IR Studio)-KTO
Busan Christmas Tree Culture Festival

Trees of various sizes and shapes make Gwangbok-ro street even more colorful.
Busan Christmas Tree Festival brings beautiful melody and performances every night to life, warming cold night of Nampodong.

Other Festivals
- Haeundae Polar Bear Festival(January)
Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO