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Major Festivals
Seasonal Festivals of Incheon

We introduce major festivals that represent spring, summer, fall and winter of Incheon

Goryeosan Mountain Azalea Festival

Azalea at Goryeosan Mountain blossoms at 400m high land, which is not a low-altitude area.
For those who manage to reach the top to enjoy azalea, the Festival serve as the source of healing and inspiration.

Other Festivals
- Hwadojin Festival(May)
Photo by the Division of Culture and Tourism, Ganghwa Municipal Office
Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival

Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival is held every August at Songdo Dalbit Festival Park.
Since 2012, the Festival has been designated as the prominent festival for the 8th consecutive years by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, representing the signature festival of Korea.

Other Festivals
- Songdo World Culture Festival 'Beer Festival' (August~September)
Photo by Incheon Tourism Organization
Sorae-Festival Incheon

You can enjoy fresh food of variety, shopping and experience where citizens and tourists blend together with sightseeing of tradition and modernity.
Sorae-Festival Incheon offers the taste, fashion and excitement as the platform of dynamic festival.

Other Festivals
- Ganghwa Ginseng Festival(October)
Photo by the Division of Culture and Tourism, Namdong Municipal Office
Incheon Songdo Light Festival

During Incheon Songdo Light Festival, a wide area of Central Park is lit with lighting.
Walking along the path of Central Park, you can enjoy a diversity of lighting and architecture that come with various shapes.

Other Festivals
- Jeongseojin Sunset Festival(Dec 31st)
Photo by (Choi Jongwon)-KTO