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Major Festivals
Seasonal Festivals of Sokcho

We introduce major festivals that represent spring, summer, fall and winter of Busan

Sokcho Spring Light Festival Cheongcho Nuri

At Cheongchoho full of flower scent, you can enjoy an emotional and differentiated leisure and festival with great memory that reminds you of Children’s day.

Other Festivals
- Sokcho Music Fireworks Cruise(March)
- Refugee History Culture Festival(May~June)
Sokcho Jangsa Port Bare Hand Squid Catching Festival

Jangsa Port Bare Hand Squid Catching Festival is where you can use bare hand for catching live squid scattered by the host at 0.8~1m deep sea with great fun and water.

Other Festivals
- Sokcho Handmade Beer Festival(August)
- Sokcho Summer Beach Festival(August)
Sokcho Seolak Culture Festival

This festival is an indigenous festival centering around Sansinje where ancestral ceremony or funeral service at mountain is delivered to the god of mountain, wishing protection from the god. Inheriting the history of Seolaksan Sosa that continued from Three Kingdom Era, the culture festival wishes for health of Sokcho citizens and consolation for the spirit who lost life on Seolaksan.

Other Festivals
- Sokcho Gukhwa Exhibition(October~November)
- Sokcho Light Festival Cheonggho Hwanhee(October)
Photo by Sokcho Festival Commission
Sokcho Sunrise Festival
Dec 31~Jan 1

On the first day of new year, people watch strongly rising sun at sunrise landmark of Sokcho, wishing good luck for family and couple.

Other Festivals
- Red Big Crab Sokcho(February)
- Sokcho Sailfin Sandfish Festival(November~December)
- Sokcho Lance Fish Festival(November)
Photo by Sokcho Festival Commission