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Major Festivals
Seasonal Festivals of Jeju

We introduce major festivals that represent spring, summer, fall and winter of Jeju.

Jeju King Cherry Blossom Festival

Jeju is the first place where you can meet King Cherry Blossom, which is a messenger of spring.
During King Cheery Blossom Festival held from later March to early April, tourists can enjoy an amazing scenery of cherry blossom sparking like snow flake.

Location of Festivals
- Jeonnong-ro, Jeju-si
- Jangjen-li, Aewol-eup
Other Festivals
- Jeju Canola Flower Festival(April)
- Gapado Green Barley Festival(April~May)
Photo by Jeju Tourism Organization
Hydrangea Blossom Festival

The oceanic scenery of hydrangea blossoming like cotton candy is what you can enjoy only in Jeju.
Hydrangea comes in multiple colors depending on the nature of soil.
In Jeju, bluish hydrangea looking after the sea is the signature.

Location of Festivals
- Camellia Hill
- Hueree Nature Life Park
Other Festivals
- Samyang Black Sand Festival(July)
- Pyoseon Beach White Sand Festival(August)
Photo by Jeju Tourism Organization
Buckwheat Festival

Jeju is the largest producer of buckwheat in Korea, which is a crop that grows well even in relatively infertile land of Jeju Island.
Buckwheat field is accessible from all around Jeju.
Pop corn-like buckwheat flowers are available late spring and early autumn, twice a year.

Location of Festivals
- Oradong Buckwheat Flower Field
- Boromwat
Other Festivals
- Hueree Pink Muhly Festival(September~November)
- Jeju Olle Path Walking Festival(October)
- International Jeju Citrus Exhibitions(November)
Photo by Jeju Tourism Organization
Camellia Festival

Camellia brings vitality to the colorless season of winter.
As lovely baby camellia and dark red ingenious camellia blossom in two different timing, the winter of Jeju brightens up.

Location of Festivals
- Camellia Hill(November~January)
- Hueree(November~January)
Other Festivals
- Hallim Park Ume Flower Festival(February)
- Hueree Ume Flower Festival(February~March)
- Norime Ume Flower Festival(February~March)
Photo by Jeju Tourism Organization