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Signature Food of Jeju

We introduce the food that you can enjoy only in Jeju.

  • 이미지 Olle Noodle

    The food of Jeju which was rather inaccessible to other regions of the country had its unique color and flavor.
    Among them, meat noodle which used to be enjoyed during a big party or festival in a village holds the life and culture of authentic Jeju, receiving a huge popularity from tourists to Jeju.

    Photo by (Lee Beonsu)-KTO
  • 이미지 Black Pork

    Black Pork of Jeju is rich in flavor and nutrients, especially good for child's growth and nutritious meal for exam-takers.
    Black Pork give abundantly juicy flavor with snow flake-like marbling just like Korean indigenous cows.
    Its fat is sturdy and delicious, so the more you chew, the more flavor you can enjoy.

    Photo by (Alex Bundo)-KTO
  • 이미지 Grilled Galchi
    (Cutlass Fish)

    Jeju Galchi is usually cooked in grill and boiling and comes with a lot of flesh so you can enjoy as raw fish as well.
    Galchi rich in vitamin and essential amino acid is good for regaining stamina and appetite.
    Its abundant calcium helps kids grow and adults stay away from developing osteoporosis.

    Photo by (IR Studio)-KTO
  • 이미지 Bomal kalguksu
    (Noodle Soup with Top Shells)

    Bomal kalguksu is traditional Jeju noodle dish coming with bomal.
    Bomal is a Jeju dialect of gastropods and you can enjoy the best taste of Bomal during summer time.
    In Jeju Island, people put gastropods to soup or porridge and its clean and plain taste is what makes Bomal unique.

    Photo by (Lee Beonsu)-KTO
  • 이미지 Abalone Kimbap

    Abalone Kimbap is distinct food you can enjoy in Jeju as the internal abalone meets well-cooked rice and egg garnish, giving a unique sea-like flavor.
    It goes well with sweet and sour tasting seasoned squid.