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Major Festivals
Seasonal Festivals of Yeosu

We introduce major festivals that represent spring, summer, fall and winter of Yeosu

Yeosu Youngchui Mountain Azalea Festival

At Youngchui Mountain that brings nostalgia, every April, blossoming azalea gives all the more beauty.
Majestic scenery, cool winds from the sea and all around azalea bring inspiration and awe.

Other Festivals
- Yeosu Turtle Ship Festival(May)
Photo by (Live Studio)-KTO
Yeosu Geomundo, Baekdo Eunbit Sea Experience Event
Late August-early September

Amazing marine landscape of Geomundo and Baekdo island is on display where fresh cutlass fish and seafood from clean water are exhibited for revitalizing the local economy.
To provide the platform of harmony among local residents, the event is held annually.

Photo by Yeosu City Hall
Yeosu Nighttime Sea Fireworks Festival

Opening ceremony as a main event and fire dance performance are being held at the main stage of Yi Sun Shin plaza where acrobatic dancers and specially designed fire equipment combine art with technology.
Along with that, municipal traditional Korean classic music performance and Romance Busking are held.
In addition, multimedia firework performance where firework meets laser light is provided.

Other Festivals
- Yeosu Bay of Yeoja Mud Sunset Experience Event(Sep)
- Yeosu Dongdong buk Festival(Oct)
Photo by Yeosu City Hall
Yeosu Hyangilam Sunrise Festival
Dec 31-Jan 1

Hyangilam Temple, the best spot for sunrise in Korea, is one of four praying sites where praying at Hyangilam makes the wish a reality.

Other Festivals
- Yeosu Youth Street Culture Festival(Nov)
Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO