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Major Tourist Attractions
Recommend Tour Course

We recommend tour course that represents Yeosu

6 hours
Odongdo IslandJinnamgwan·Japanese Invasion Monument Exhibition HallLunchDowntown Shopping(Traditional Market, Fish Market)
Hanhwa Aqua Planet YeosuLunchYeosu Maritime Cable CarYeosu Art Land
Hyangiram HermitageLunchGosodong Wall Painting VillageYeosu Ocean Railbike
Suncheonman Bay National GardenSuncheonman WetlandLunchSuncheon Drama Film Set
Naganeupseong Folk VillageLunchSeonamsa Temple
8 hours
Yeosu Ocean RailbikeOdongdo IslandLunchJinnamgwan·Japanese Invasion Monument Exhibition HallDowntown Shopping(Traditional Market·Fish Market)Teddy Bear Museum
Hyangiram HermitageLunchYeosu Art LandShopping(Traditional Market)Hanhwa Aqua Planet Yeosu
U World Theeme ParkDowntown Shopping(Traditional Market, Fish Market)Yi Sun Shin plaza·Jongpo Marine ParkLunchTeddy Bear Museum
Suncheonman WetlandSuncheonman Bay National GardenLunchOdongdo IslandYeosu Big O Show
Seonamsa TempleNaganeupseong Folk VillageLunchBoseong Green Tea Field
Theme-based Tourism Course
History Theme
Jinnamgwan·Monument Exhibition HallGosodaeChungminsa Temple
Family Theme(Preschooler)
Teddy Bear MuseumHanhwa Aqua Planet YeosuYi Sun Shin plaza
Family Theme(Children)
Yeosu Maritime Cable CarOdongdo IslandHanhwa Aqua Planet Yeosu
Family Theme(Children)
Art LandYeosu Maritime Cable CarU World-Lu Ji Theme Park
Senior Theme(Scenery)
Yeosu Maritime Cable CarBay of YeojaGasari Village
Major Tourist Destination of Yeosu

We recommend tourist destination that represents Yeosu.

    • 이미지 Odongdo IslandLink to page

      From afar, the island looks like the leaf of paulownia tree where lots of paulownia trees used to grow.
      So its name became Odongdo Island.
      Currently, 193 kinds of rare trees including camellia form rich forests.
      As camellia makes abundant cluster of trees, the island is called Dongbaek Island or Flower Island of the Sea.

      Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO
      From the terminal
      2.3 km10 min
    • 이미지 JinnamgwanLink to page

      Along with Jongmyo and Gyeonghoi, Jinnamgwan is one of the largest wooden architecture as a single unit where main base of Jwasuyeong was located during Japanese Invasion of 1592.
      The area holds a great historic, academic and artistic value.
      Imlan Monument Exhibition Hall below Jinnamgwan honors artifacts and miniature in commemoration of Admiral Yi Sun Shin.

      Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO
      From the terminal
      2.5 km15 min
    • 이미지 Big-O ShowLink to page

      At "THE O", an architecture installed against the backdrop of the sea, living screen technology is applied for the first time where the special effect of water, fire, fancy screen goes well with laser effect, creating the best fountain performance show, which was recognized as the Show of The Year by THEA Awards.

      Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO
      From the terminal
      622 m5 min
    • 이미지 Yeosu Maritime Cable CarLink to page

      As the first sea-crossing Yeosu Maritime Cable Car in Korea, there are 40 units of regular cabin, 10 units of crystal cabin that go two-round way for 3km.
      Following Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam, Yeosu Cable Car became the fourth to be established.
      You can get on the cable car from Nol Ah Stop at Dolsan Park or Hae Ya Stop at Jasan Park.
      At each stop, you can enjoy bird’s eye view over Yeosu at observatory.

      Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO
      From the terminal
      2.4 km10 min
    • 이미지 Jongpo Marine ParkLink to page

      You can enjoy picturesque sea of night time Yeosu from light spanning from Yi Sun Shin plaza and Hamel Lighthouse.
      Against the backdrop of lake-like Yeosu nighttime sea, various street performances fill the street where you can enjoy authentic food of Yeosu and culture of Yeosu from Romance Pocha.

      Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO
      From the terminal
      3.8 km15 min
    • 이미지 Hanhwa Aqua Planet Yeosu YeosuLink to page

      Hanhwa Aqua Planet Yeosu Yeosu is the second largest aquariums in Korea with 4 story building, 16,400㎡ size and 6,030 ton of water tank.
      You can enjoy 360 degree aquadom, one of two existing 360degree water tank in the world where 55,000 populations of 350 specie sea creatures including Green Sea Turtle and Beluga coexist with each other.

      Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO
      From the terminal
      765 m5 min
    • 이미지 Yeosu Art LandLink to page

      As multi-purpose leisure facility whose theme combines people, art and the nature, 16,528㎡ of outdoor sculpture park and majestic unmanned island create cozy and delicate scenery.
      In addition, the biggest 3D trick art museum 'So Seol' in Korea brings all the more fun and excitement.

      Photo by Yeosu City Hall
      From the terminal
      10.1 km20 min
    • 이미지 Teddy Bear MuseumLink to page

      The Museum is a work of collaboration between the best Teddy Bear Exhibition displayed on Hawaii Teddy Bear World and the marine city of Yeosu where you can meet cute teddy bear with kids.

      Photo by Yeosu City Hall
      From the terminal
      572 m5 min
    • 이미지 Yi Sun Shin plazaLink to page

      The Square, in association with Jinnamgwan, opened in 2010 in honor of Admiral Yi Sun Shin where you can enjoy the view of Janggundo and Dolsan Bridge.
      Visitors have access to materials on Adm.
      Yi who led victory against Japanese Invasion of 1592 and civilian army.
      Reconstructed Turtle Ship that remarkably resembles the original ship is worth watching.
      Inside the Turtle Ship, visitors can indirectly experience how navy back then fought during Japanese Invasion.

      Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO
      From the terminal
      3.6 km15 min
    • 이미지 Yeosu Ocean RailbikeLink to page

      Using the old railway and turning 3.5km of pathway into bike-based ride, Yeosu Yeosu Ocean Railbike is the first sea-facing rail bike, a landmark of Yeosu.
      Monolithic structure guarantees safety, which is adjustable depending on your body size.

      Photo by Yeosu City Hall
      - 36,000 KRW for 4 persons ride(32,400 KRW for over 10 rides for 3-4 person ride)
      - Jan, Feb, Nov, Feb Weekday/Weekend 10:00~17:00
      - Mar-Apr 27th Weekday/Weekend 09:00~17:00
      - Apr 28th-Jul 20th Weekday/Weekend 09:00~18:00
      - Jul 21-Aug 19 Weekday/Weekend 09:00~19:00
      - Apr 20-Oct 31 Weekday/Weekend 09:00~17:00
      From the terminal
      3 km10 min
    • 이미지 Cheonsa(Angel) Mural VillageLink to page

      As a mural village made by donation of local residents, mural is on display from the bridge of Jinnamgwan Jwasuyong to Gosodae.
      Up to Gosodae, the story of Admiral Yi Sun Shin is painted on the both sides.
      On 7 sections divided, you can enjoy the history, culture and the scenery of Yeosu with each theme.
      Notably, cartoonist Heoh Youngman’s works whose hometown is Yeosu are painted, attracting a steady flow of tourists.

      Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO
      Parking Lot
      - Free Parking on 86sides of Road Surface
      From the terminal
      3 km10 min
    • 이미지 Sky TowerLink to page

      Sky Tower is a recycle of cement silo for the purpose of keeping desalination facility and the sea ecosystem, listed on World Guinness Book of Records.
      You can enjoy beautiful melody and boat horn of pipe organ and view on south sea and exhibition hall from 67m high observatory with thrill.

      Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO
      Admission Fee
      - 2,000 KRW for Sky Tower, Operation Hours 10:00~19:00
      - Organ Play Time Every Fri,Sat,Sun(Apr-Nov.17), No Operation for Winter
      - Organ Play Time 13:00, 14:00, 15:20, 16:05, 17:05, playing 30min per session
      From the terminal
      345 m5 min
    • 이미지 Hyangiram HermitageLink to page

      Hyangiram Hermitage, as four major praying site among Buddhists, means temples facing the sun, famous for the best spot for enjoying sunrise boasting the majestic scenery of sunrise and picturesque views.
      You can enjoy rich camellia forests and sub-tropical trees with uniquely rare rocks near Geum O Mountain and wide sea.
      Hyangiram Hermitage Sun Rise Festival that occurs on Dec 31st and Jan 1st attracts lots of visitors who wish to bring the passing year to an end and greet a new year with good luck.

      Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO
      From the terminal
      26.1 km40 min
    • 이미지 Dolsan ParkLink to page

      Dolsan Park facing Dolsan Bridge was built in 1987 where visitors can enjoy abundant camellia trees, flowers and landscape.
      The amazing view of sunset, night view of the bridge and Yeosu nighttime sea viewable from Dolsan Park is magnificent.

      Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO
      Parking Lot
      - 222 sides (Off limits to Large Vehicles)
      From the terminal
      4.5 km10 min
    • 이미지 Sohodongdong BridgeLink to page

      Walking on a wooden deck along the sea shore, you can enjoy time of relaxation.
      Night time lighting lit in colorful flavors are expressed through the bridge signifying the empty space between the sea and downtown.
      The word 'Dongdong' originates from dongdong-gol where the sound of drum was heard down Goracksan Mountain of Yeosu.
      With the change of moon, how couples miss the other part is expressed.

      Photo by Yeosu City Hall
      Parking Lot
      - 70sides Paid Parking Lot(Soho Yacht Course)
      From the terminal
      25.5 km30 min
    • 이미지 The Bay of YeojaLink to page

      The Bay of Yeoja where visitors can enjoy a magnificent sunset overshadowed in wet land originated from Yeojado Island, serving as the big sea encompassing Yeosu, Suncheon, Beolgyo and Boseong.
      The Bay of Yeoja boasts amazing sunset and there are many tea houses/restaurants nearby.
      Seashore road along the path of the sea is popular as tourists can enjoy a great driving.

      ※ Designated as the best photo spot in 2014 by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism

      Photo by (Park Jongsu)-KTO
      - 233, Haeneomi-gil, Sora-myeon, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
      From the terminal
      32.7 km45 min
    • 이미지 Gasari VillageLink to page

      Gasari Eco Park offers the view of archipelagos floating on the wide mud flat and cozy fishing village.
      As a place where the sea and stream meet, Gasari Eco Park forms a wide ranging wet land.
      Along with spacious fields of reed and observatory deck, the village provides an amazing view during sunset.
      At nearby Gasari Ecology Education Hall, you can rent a bike and enjoy riding.

      Photo by Yeosu City Hall
      - Gwangi-gil, Sora-myeon, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
      Bike Rental
      - Summer: 9~18 / Winter: 10~17 (bikes should be returned 20min before closing time) / Fare: 3,000 KRW for 2 hours (1 person)
      - Contact for over 20 person rides: 061)642-0009
      - Recommended Course: Ecology Education Hall~Seomdal Stream 12km 1hour(round trip)
      From the terminal
      25.6 km30 min
    • 이미지 Suncheonman GardenLink to page

      After successful opening of 2013 Suncheonman Garden Expo, the garden was reopened as the first national garden designated by the nation.
      You can enjoy botanical garden, world garden, interactive garden, wetland center, bridge of dream and cultural events.

      Photo by (Lee Ganghee)-KTO
      Admission Fee
      - 8,000 KRW for adults (6,000 KRW for Group) ※ You can enter Suncheonman Wetland
      - 3,000 KRW for Tour Ride / 6,000 KRW for Art Theme Park
      - Jan-Feb, Nov-Dec (08:30~18:00) / Mar-Apr, Oct (08:30~19:00) / May-Sep (08:30~20:00)
      - Parking Capacity: 6,583 sides
      From the terminal
      35.9 km36 min
    • 이미지 Nakan Folk CastleLink to page

      Nakan Folk Castle as strategic city during Joseon Dynasty is one of the three major folk castles of Korea.
      As the only folk village where local residents wear traditional costume and dwell in the village, you can experience a culture of how ancestors lived from Joseon Dynasty up until now.
      Currently, Nakan Folk Castle is provisionally inscribed on World Cultural Heritage and ranks 16th representative tour attraction by CNN.

      Photo by (Na Kihwan)-KTO
      Admission Fee
      - 4,000 KRW for adults, 3,000 KRW for group
      - Parking Capacity: 565sides
      - Dec-Jan (09:00~17:00) / Feb-Apr, Nov (09:00~18:00) / May-Oct (08:30~18:30)
      - 061-749-8850
      From the terminal
      55.1 km55 min
    • 이미지 Suncheonman WetlandLink to page

      The wetland is one of world’s greatest five coastal wetlands consisting of 5.4㎢ reef field and 22.6㎢ of wide mud flat.
      Notably, rare migratory birds protected internationally are flocking to Suncheonman where various creatures coexist.
      Suncheonman Wetland was designated as wetland protection zone in 2003 and was listed on Ramsar Convention in 2006.

      Photo by (Cho Seonggeun)-KTO
      Admission Fee
      - 8,000 KRW for adults, 6,000 KRW for group
      - Jan, Nov-Dec (08:00~17:00) / Feb (08:00~17:30) / Mar, Sep-Oct (08:00~18:00) / Apr (08:00~18:30) / May-Aug (08:00~19:00)
      - 513-25, Suncheonman-gil, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea, +82-61-749-6052
      From the terminal
      39.2 km40 min
    • 이미지 Seonamsa TempleLink to page

      Seonamsa Temple, the origin of Taegochong(Buddhist Brach), produced a host of decent monks.
      The temple was created by Adohwasang in 6th year of King Seong during Baekje and designated as No.507 Historic Site.
      Within the temple, there are Senamsa Three Story Stone Tower, No.395 National Treasure and Daewoongjeon, No.1311 National Treasure along with multiple major cultural heritage where architects and the nearby scenery strike the perfect harmony.

      Photo by (Lee Beonsu)-KTO
      Admission Fee
      - 2,000 KRW(6,000 KRW for group)
      - Mar-May, Oct-Nov (07:00~19:00) / Jun-Sep (06:00~19:30) / Dec-Feb (07:00~18:00)
      - 450, Seonamsa-gil, Seungju-eup, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea. +82-61-754-9117
      From the terminal
      62.0 km65 min
    • 이미지 Songgwangsa Temple - SuncheonLink to page

      Songgwangsa Temple - Suncheon is among three treasure Buddhist temples along with Haeinsa Temple and Tondosa Temple as the temple produces the largest number of highest priest of Buddhism.
      As a thousand-year history-honored temple, Songgwangsa Temple - Suncheon designated as No.506 Historic Site holds 4 pieces of National Treasure, 19 pieces of Treasure and 9 pieces of Local Cultural Heritage.

      Photo by (Shin Seunghee)-KTO
      Admission Fee
      - 3,000 KRW
      - Parking Capacity: 565 sides
      - Summer (06:00~19:00) / Winter (07:00~18:00) / Year Round
      - 100, Songgwangsaan-gil, Songgwang-myeon, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
      From the terminal
      79.2 km75 min
    • 이미지 Gwangyang Maehwa VillageLink to page

      Every March, Seomjingang River Maehwa Village paints a brilliant landscape where white blooming ume flower is scattering.
      The modest scent of ume that goes along with gentle spring wind brings the present of spring to visitors from across the country.
      Notably, king bamboo forest with 2,500 traditional pots and great scenery against the backdrop of Seomjin River without being blocked are full of ume flowers.

      Photo by Yeosu City Hall
      Admission for free
      - 34-2 Mok-gil, Daap-myeon, Gwangyang-si
      From the terminal
      52.9 km65 min
    • 이미지 Camellia Forest at Okryongsa TempleLink to page

      Okryongsa Temple was renovated by Silla Monk Doseonguksa where he nurtured hundreds of disciples for 35 years until he entered Nirvana.
      Over 10,000 trees of Camellia forests that were planted to beef up the spirit of the land are forming a forest cluster, designated as Natural Treasure No.489.
      Camellia begins to blossom late March

      Photo by (Cheon Hyungjoon)-KTO
      Admission for free
      - 71, Baekgye 1-gil, Ongnyong-myeon, Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
      From the terminal
      51 km55 min