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Signature Food of Incheon

We introduce the food that you can enjoy only in Incheon

  • 이미지 China Town Jajangmyeon

    Jajangmyeon is what black bean sauce is fried with vegetable, meat and cooking oil, which is Korean-style Chinese food. A traditional Chinese cuisine of jajangmyeon was localized in Korea.

  • 이미지 Tteokbokki of Shinpo Market

    Tteokbokki is made of bar rice cake and ancillary ingredients fried in spicy sauce or boiled in it. There are red pepper paste-based, soy sauce-based, curry, black bean-sauced and cream sauced ones. Along with Soondae, Fries, Ramyeon and Kimbap, Tteokbokki is the signature snack food of Korea and street food.

  • 이미지 Five Color Dumpling of Shipo Market

    Shinpo Market is the origin of Shipo Dumpling, a famous dumpling brand of Korea. Five color king-size dumpling made of abundant meat and vegetable is famous along with curry dumpling, black bean sauce dumpling, green tea dumpling, kimchi dumpling and meat dumpling. Five color dumpling is delicious-looking with rich content inside dumpling serving as a decent meal.

  • 이미지 Grilled Shellfish

    Shellfish caught in costal Incheon with high tidal wave has abundant flesh and great texture, famous for its great taste. Grilled shellfish is where all kinds of desalinated shell fish is grilled without removing the shell and soaked in red chili-pepper paste with vinegar. Thick flesh shell fish that grows in clean sea and sand is particularly delicious. Putting cheese on top of grilled shell fish gives an authentically unique flavor.

  • 이미지 Sea Food kalguksu (Chopped noodles)

    Incheon Sea Food kalguksu comes with soup base of dried Pollack and shell fish where the unique flavor of dried Pollack gives a rich taste. Scallop, muzzle and shell fish are abundantly placed and flour-based chopped noodles are boiled and seasoned with soy sauce.

  • 이미지 Dakgangjeong (Crunchy Korean fried chicken)

    At Incheon Sinpo International Market, you can enjoy Dakgangjeong made of red pepper oil, starch syrup and spicy sauce with 30 years of history. Shipo International Market is located at Shipo-dong, Junggu, Incheon-si. Red pepper and starch syrup go well with spicy sauce, harmonizing Dakgangjeong with 30 year of history. Fried chickens are coated with red pepper oil, malt and spicy sauce. Just looking at it, you can feel the spiciness that comes from spicy sauce-soaked chopped red pepper.