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Signature Food of Sokcho

We introduce the food that you can enjoy only in Sokcho

  • 이미지 Potato Ongsimi

    Potato Ongsimi is made of potato, which is traditional cuisine of Gangwondo. Traditionally, grinding potato and making it like small egg of birds is the norm, which was used as the dialect of Saealsim at Gyeonggi and Gangwon. The dialect of rice-made Saealsim and potato-made Saealsim is Ongsimi. Potato Ongsimi made in traditional way is enjoyed as raw potato is ground in steel sheet, which gives a great texture.

    Photo by (IR Studio)-KTO
  • 이미지 RedBig Crab(Hongge)

    Sokcho is the major producer of red big crab. The port of Dongmyeong is famous for producing amazing quantity of crab as red crab catching boat are flocking. Red Crab is just good as it is without any seasoning. In Sokcho where abundant amount of red crab is produced provide spicy red crab mix, red rab instant noodle and all kinds of dishes available at specialized restaurants. Chitin inside the shell prevents fat from piling up in the body and lowers the level of cholesterol, beneficial for keeping health.

    Photo by (IR Studio)-KTO
  • 이미지 Soft Tofu

    Soft tofu is a kind of tofu where solidified bean water remains as it is without removing water. In the village of haksapyeong of Sokcho, there is Soft Tofu Chon where soft tofu without putting spicy sauce comes up to the table. In the village, this kind of soft tofu is called Cho Tofu. With mild taste and soft texture, it is good for digestion. When you eat it without seasoning in a plain soup, you can enjoy just like porridge.

    Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO
  • 이미지 Ojingeo Sundae (Stuffed Squid)

    Ojingeo sundae is Sokcho-native food that represents Sokcho where the topping fills the empty inside of squid and steamed. Ojingeo sundae is Gangwon-native food similar to Soondae of filling all kinds of ingredients inside the body of small squid and steaming it. Today, some choose coating eggs into the squid instead of steaming.

    Photo by (Lee Beonsu)-KTO
  • 이미지 Mulhoe (Cold Raw Fish Soup)

    Just captured raw fish and sea food are chopped into slice and mixed with sauces of green onion, garlic and red pepper powder with water pouring. Appetite-boosting sauce and flavor-rich sea food make a great harmony.

    Photo by Gangwondo Marine Tour Center
  • 이미지 Dak gangjeong (Sweet and Sour Chicken)

    Dak gangjeong is where fried chicken is mixed with garlic, chili, soy sauce and malt in the form of boiling and frying. Dak gangjeong alley of Sokcho Jungang Market is famous as the cold fried chicken remains crispy, giving a unique flavor. People from other regions visit the market just for Dak gangjeong. At a popular Dak gangjeong store, you have to wait for as long as two hours, which happens to be picked as recommended tourist attractions for foreigners.

    Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO