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Signature Food of Yeosu

We introduce the food that you can enjoy only in Yeosu

  • 이미지 Seodae Raw Fish

    Seodae Raw Fish is how seodae is enjoyed with red chili-pepper paste with vinegar at Yeosu, Jellanamdo. Marinating makkeolli into slice of Seodae and mixing salt-pickled reddish with red chili-pepper paste are combined with Seodae, green onion, fresh chili and red pepper. It is also called Bak Dae Raw Fish Mix.

  • 이미지 Grilled Oyster

    Grilled oyster is the simplest cook to be made except for raw oyster. So it is highly accessible in Yeosu where oyster is produced a lot. Chewy texture of oyster and juice originating while grilling are amazing.

    Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO
  • 이미지 Sliced Raw Pike Eel/ Shabu-Shabu

    Sliced Raw Pike Eel, popular as summer stamina food, is melting gently in the mouth. Shabu-Shabu is what you drip the eel just briefly onto the boiling water. These foods are a must-eat in the summer with great taste and nutrients. By putting knife dent into flesh, you can dip the eel in soybean paste sauce and mustard sauce, giving even more flavor. The more you chew sturdy eel, the more flavor you can feel.

  • 이미지 Yeosu Korean Meal Table

    Fresh sea food as a main ingredient grown in southern sea and 40 various foods make up the meal table. From the meal table, you can feel freshness of Yeosu sea and richness of clean water. In addition, tourists trying Yeosu Korean Meal Table for the first time are amazed by the number of dishes, taste and affordable price.

    Photo by (IR Studio)-KTO
  • 이미지 Dolsan Gat Kimchi

    Dolsan Gat Kimchi is a kind of Kimchi putting sauce onto the leaf of gat. Gat is harvested over three times a year. Of course, you can eat gat kimchi year round but the one harvested from April to May gives the best flavor. Mustard-like spiciness and crunchy texture go well with unique sauce, red pepper powder and salted sea food, a signature of southwestern Korea. Gat grown at Dolsan, Yeosu has unique scent, which is highly popular.

    Photo by (Lee Beonsu)-KTO
  • 이미지 Pickled Crab Meal

    When you have a meal with soy sauce-marinated raw crab, your dish is getting empty in just no time. Pickled crab is traditional Korean food that has been eaten before 1600 and you can enjoy the authentic taste with crab holding many eggs during May to June. If stored well, you can enjoy egg-full pickled crab all year round.

    Photo by (Kim Jiho)-KTO