Korea Cruise Port Sales

Korea Cruise Port Sales

Welcome to Seosan
Seosan, Hidden Gem of Korea

Seosan is enjoyed only on cruise!
Seosan offers Haemi Martyrdom Holy Ground designated as the International Holy Ground by the Vatican, Rome, Haemieupseong Fortress holding 600 years of Joseon Dynasty history, Rock-carved Triad Buddha showing majestic history during Baekje, Ganworam Hermitage famous for its magnificent sunset, Gaesimsa Temple, one of four major Buddhist temple in Chungnam Province serving as magnet to visitors in spring, Seosan Korean Cattle Ranch, a Korean-version small Alps, Samgilpo Port, a beauty port representing the Yellow Sea with raw fish restaurant onboard. We invite you to the city of Seosan, a hidden treasure holding pristine nature and majestic scenery

Seosan Daesan Port
International Passenger Terminal

International passenger terminal modeled after Jinnam Gate of Haemi Eupseong Fortress holding the history of Joseon Dynasty has berthing capacity of over 100 thousand tons of cruise. Seosan Daesan Port as the only international passenger port in Chungcheong area brings international routes to you with the shortest distance to China

Seosan Daesan Port International Passenger Terminal
  • Land Area
  • Land Area
  • Waiting Room Area
    1F 826㎡, 2F 279㎡
  • Capacity
    600 people
  • Address
    1110-1, Daejuk-ri, Daesan-eup, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea
  • Tel
    041-660-7643 / Weekday : 09:00 ~ 18:00
  • Parking
    206 vehicles accommodated

Seosan Daesan Port International Passenger Dock
  • Name of Berth
    Seosan Daesan Port International Passenger Dock
  • Berthing Capacity
    100,000 tons(GT)
  • Length
  • Water Depth

Accessibility of Daesan Port International Passenger Terminal
  • Hongseong Station

    75km by car taking 1 hour or so