Korea Cruise Port Sales

Korea Cruise Port Sales

Cruise Incentive and Service
Information on Cruise Incentive
  • 일러스트
    Support Incentive for Ports of Call

    10,000 KRW per person/Maximum 30million KRW
    (Except for Attendants)

  • 일러스트
    Support for Car Rental

    In the case of using local bus
    - City of Yeosu: up to 10million KRW
    - City of Suncheon: up to 10million KRW

  • 일러스트
    Host Welcome Event for Cruise Departure and Arrival

    Provide welcome events that encourage passengers to experience Korean culture such as Municipal Korean Classical Music Troupe, Chwita Troupe, Fusion Korean Classical Music Performance

  • 일러스트
    Local Specialty Selling Deck & Foreign Currency Exchange

    We provide convenient access to purchasing local specialty and foreign currency exchange.

  • 일러스트
    30% Discount for Cruise Entry

    Apply Legal Discount Ratio

  • 일러스트
    30% Discount for Berth

    Apply Legal Discount Ratio

Incentive for Main Products
Item Content Who to apply/Condition for Support
Welcome(Farewell) Event Operate Local Specialty Selling Deck for Cruise Departure and Arrival Cruise that enters Yeosu Port
Support Tour Bus for Cruise that enters and exits Yeosu Port Bus Rental Support for Cruise Tourists
(350,000-450,000 KRW per unit)
Inbound Travel Agency
Incentive for Attracting Incentive for Attracting Ports of Call
(10,000 KRW per person, Maximum 30million KRW)
Local Agency
Discount for Arrival 30% Discount for Arrival(Legal Discount Ratio) Cruise that enters Yeosu Port
Discount for Berth 30% Discount for Berth(Legal Discount Ratio) Cruise that enters Yeosu Port