Korea Cruise Port Sales

Korea Cruise Port Sales

Welcome to Pohang
Pohang Yeongil Bay Port

Yeongil Bay Port of Pohang, located at southeastern East Sea on the Korean Peninsula, is in oval-shaped proximity to multiple cities of North Korea, Russia and Japan. Such location gives Yeongil Bay Port a geographical advantage that allows forming various cruise routes. In addition, as Yeongil Bay Port serves as the biggest gateway port to Artic passing through Korea, northeastern Japan, cities of North Korea and Russia in North Pacific, developing diverse cruise routes is possible. When developing mid-to-long distance cruise routes departing from west coast of the U.S. to Alaska to Kamchatka Peninsula in Far East Russia, you can enjoy Yeongil Bay Port as the first gateway port to Northeast Asia. Therefore, Yeongil Bay Port has a lot to offer in terms of showing the region’s ancient culture and the modern industry, which makes the Port a fascinating port of call among Western cruise tourists including the U.S. and European visitors.

Pohang Yeongil Bay Port

Pohang Yeongil Bay Port is surrounded by North Korea emerging as a new cruise port of call, Russia and Japan. For such geographical traits, cruising 13 to 15 kns for 12 hours brings you to Maizuru, Fukuoka, Sakaiminato, Sasebo whose ports of call are famous in northwestern Japan. You can set cruise route plans from Vladivostok, Kamchatka, Shanghai to Kanazawa of Japan recognized as the signature cruise ports of call in Northeast Asia in the case of itinerary including one day of staying onboard.

Berthing Capacity of Pohang Yeongil Bay Port
  • Water depth
  • Berth Length
    over 310m
  • Berthing Capacity
    over 100,000 tons

Accessibility of Pohang Yeongil Bay Port
  • Pohang AirPort

    32.2km by car taking 30 minutes or so

  • Pohang Station

    12.8km by car taking 16 minutes or so